MUSEUM OF PLACE, EL FONDO DE MONOVER. Museum of historical memory of the last days of the Second Republic in Spain.

Design and installation of permanent museum exhibits

The scattered museum in El Fondó, in Monòver, located in an area of crops and pine forests, and with an important story to tell.

The Fondó Museum is free to visit, laying in the landscape, made up of four milestones that tell the history of the place, intertwining with the hamlet and the paths in which, like sculptures that speak, make the visitor become a constructive detail of what is being told. What does it mean to make a museum in a hamlet with ten inhabitants located in the interior of the province of Alicante, between crops and pine forests? This is the site of the last days of the Second Republic in Spain. It is a very important historical memory heritage. Here, during the war, there was a 1.5 km² airfield, with an air raid shelter that is now a museum, and also military barracks. The shelter, and the future Interpretation Centre can now be visited in a rural school from the 1970s, which has now been disentailed. Given the immaterial complexity of almost everything that is told and the difficulty of being able to make a visitable museum, due to economic and infrastructure reasons, it was decided to rethink the concept of this space and project it as a sum of disintegrated places that articulate the place and that can be visited for interpretation and enjoyment. These architectural supports generate the habitat that protects the information inside, that communicates in the distance, that creates the circulation between them and that, with a physical, cold contact, the visitor perceives their intimate relationship.


/Posted by: Rocamora Diseño & Arquitectura
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MUSEUM OF PLACE, THE MONOVER FUND. Museum of democratic memory of the last days of the II Republic in Spain.

INTERPRETATION CENTRE. Museum of democratic memory of the last days of the II Republic in Spain.


Design and installation of permanent museum exhibitions

Customer:Monóvar Town Council

Date: 2021

Location: Fondó Monóver, Alicante, Spain

Project and direction:ROCAMORA Design & Architecture

Execution and Production:Projectable Estudio

Project photography:ROCAMORA Diseño & Arquitectura

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