Memory Shelter. Museum project on historical memory in Elche. Exhibition with more than 300 images from “Before, During and After” the Civil War in Elche.

A sequence, first through a “tunnel” of memory where once you have visualized a graphic imaginary of the Elche before, during and after the war, it makes a review on the graphic memory of the defensive architectures in Elche in this historical stage. Once you have passed through this tunnel of memory, covered with a textile sky from the dramatic reddish to the hopeful bluish, you go out into a free space and continue with a succession of phrases on Memory, in a brighter and wider space, a place of hope, where these phrases communicate this term as a constructive material to advance constructively towards a better future.

And finally, before leaving the exhibition, we present the project to be carried out for the recovery of the anti-aircraft shelter on the Paseo Germanías in Elche, a preliminary project drawn up by our studio and which will be carried out within the EDUSI funds, for the musealisation and enhancement of this heritage with a view to the 21st century.


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