Enhancement of the Castle of Biar

Last November 9th, we presented in collaboration with the City Council of Biar the Project of accessibility, dynamization and musealization of the Castle of Biar. It is a respectful project of heritage, which aims to connect urbanism, culture and history, always prioritizing  the appreciation and functionality of the monument.

What we seek for is the enhancement of the castle within the historic centre of Biar, allowing the dynamisation of the heritage package within the adaptation of its spaces for the development of cultural activities on a regular basis and thus enhance its tourist attractiveness.

All our team has worked to achieve complementary solutions to the previous works of consolidation and adaptation of spaces carried out in 2011. The objective of the activities that we have defined activities is to strengthen the measures of accessibility, both motor and sensory, of the compound. Therefore, in addition to the adaptation of the weapons courtyard as a multipurpose space, the installation of the programmatic walkways has been added in order to be used as a support for the development of cultural and citizen activities.

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Enhacement Castle Biar
Photo: Steps of the project proposal from Rocamora team

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