During these days, we have visited again the Alzheimer’s Day Center located in Elche that we will carry out in 2011.

This work could be projected and executed in a key economic moment at national level, with funds from the City Council of Elche and the Generalitat Valenciana. The national economy at that time was in a critical situation. Any effort should have been justified and evaluated in its outcome, at that time many works were carried out …(Plan Confianza, Plan E…).

Many architectural interventions were carried out (Plan Confianza was the one that promoted the VC and the centre of Elche). Many of those interventions were long without “going into action” but this edition was a pressing need in Elche, it was finished, and in a few days AFAE was using its facilities.

AFAE made a management effort for a huge new architecture in relation to their previous house but adjusted to real needs at that time. Today the requirements and services of the building are serving the imperative needs of AFAE, although the Alzheimer’s disease does not know about architecture programs and the requirements in Elche keep growing.

It was a pride to be able to participate in this “necessary architecture”, with an intensive use today, managed spectacularly by the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer of Elche (AFAE).
It was an architecture that we were lucky enough to imagine, to make, and from which we learned a lot…

The facilities are located near the General Hospital of Elche and have 1,430 square meters between consultations, classrooms, a gym and dining room, as well as 1,800 more green areas.

The building was designed in conjunction with two colleagues: Alexandre Marcos, Prócoro del Real and Miguel Candela, and was selected by the Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Alicante CTAA in the Alicante Architecture Exhibition 2008-2011.


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