We produce architectures, interior space designs, ephemeral installations and museum projects.
We always work with maximum balance between our client’s desires, the different economic possibilities, considering the product life and diverse uses and durability of materials employed to ensure accesible and exciting results.

The United Nations awards for ephemeral architecture “Emporia 2021” have just been published and we are happy and grateful to receive these three mentions in the gold selection for the following projects carried out during the year 2021. “Ídolos: Miradas milenarias“– For the best temporary and itinerant ephemeral exhibition – for the Museo Arqueológico de […]

WORKSHOP MÉRIDA museology objects of the past In an exceptional place such as the National Museum of Roman Art in Mérida. @museonacionaldearteromanopromoted by the University of Seville @unisevilla by the department of philology @filologiaus and the Universität Mainz @unimainz Objects of the past – Presentation and museology.With the intervention of our colleague @angel_rocamora “The memory of space”.

The St. Petersburg International Architecture and Design Awards nominate Rocamora Design and Architecture Studio for the exhibition “Mayas. The enigma of the lost cities” at the Marq in Alicante as best temporary or permanent museum exhibition project best executed 2021. LINK:

Yecla [C]reacción 2021 has been the festival of ephemeral art and architecture with 6 ephemeral installations in the city of Yecla that colonise almost a total of 11,500 m2 of the city. There are 6 houses in the city. The festival took place outdoors, and Yecla took to the streets to show its character with […]

NAUGURATION of the Fondó Interpretation Center in Monovar. Very happy to finally be able to share and open doors. Visit of the Secretary of State for Democratic Memory Fernando Martínez to the new Interpretation Center. Memory and heritage as a construction of culture. El Fondó de Monòver has an important story to tell.The Fondó Museum […]

Very excited after intense work, to inaugurate this traveling exhibition “Orcas: Our Shared Future”, after such a difficult period.First venue, their home, at the Royal BC Museum This museographic exhibition brings the orcas’ will to invite us to know their world, to let us enter their ecosystem, their ancestral relationship with man, their suffering now […]

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