architecture alicante

We project committed to contemporaneity and tradition, inseparably.
For us, to know the place, the environment where the event will happen or the architecture that we project, is fundamental.

The success of the project is to solve the needs of our customers adjusted to the real economy of each case, with responsibility, and always with the professional commitment.

Our experience allows us to face and solve, with ease and efficiency, an ample range of projects, among which are:
– New construction and interior remodelling.
– Housing.
– Commercial spaces.
– Cultural spaces.
– Educational and landscape.
– Legalisation.
– Processing of licences.
– Certifications and documents.
– Advice for hiring trades.

design alicante

We face and creatively develop any complex graphic design and visual project offering a global service: the exhibition design, pamphlet, catalogue or corporative image, taking care of details and controlling the process and execution steps. From the project, the design and layout, to production materials, finishes and printing control.

We have extensive experience in:
– Brand design.
– Corporative identity.
– Edition, layout and catalogue production.
– Graphic applications.
– Branding.
– Editorial design.
– Architectural and product photo.

museography alicante

We are a cross-disciplinary team specialised in the exhibition design, museographic projects and cultural spaces, with total adapted response to the demands and distinctive feature in each space and contents, always considering the requirements of durability and the most demanding international conservation.

We develop projects, with guaranteed solvency, such as:

– Museographic and exhibition design.
– Total projects of museums.
– Total design of installations and museographic support.
– Coordination of audiovisuals and multimedia.
– Commission and management of the museographic project.
– Development and design of signage, lighting and accessibility and inclusion elements.